Leading Global Orthopaedic Research Collaborative

Advancing musculoskeletal practice worldwide through international multicenter studies


The Global Orthopaedic Outcomes Collaborative is an international Orthopaedic network, based in London, that aims to advance musculoskeletal practice worldwide through the coordination of multicenter research studies.


Our mission is to improve global health outcomes by advancing musculoskeletal practice worldwide.

Our Work

We are conducting international, multicenter studies to answer clinically relevant research questions in Orthopaedic, trauma and rheumatological disciplines. 

Orthopaedic Challenges Faced

Addressing critical musculoskeletal issues faced globally

Surgical Risks

Mitigating risks associated with orthopaedic surgeries for improved outcomes

Treatment Inequalities

Reducing disparities in access to orthopaedic treatments globally

Research Fragmentation

Bringing cohesion to fragmented musculoskeletal research efforts

Outcome Variability

Understanding and minimizing outcome variations in orthopaedic care

Our Collaborative Framework

“ Let us grow together ”

Transformative Benefits Offered

Discover the positive impacts of our orthopaedic solutions

Improved Outcomes

Enhancing orthopaedic patient outcomes through collaborative research

Global Reach

Extending musculoskeletal care solutions to a global audience

Innovative Practices

Implementing innovative practices for advanced orthopaedic care

Diseases & Conditions

Client Testimonials

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