May 2024

Shoulder Arthritis

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Once shoulder arthritis is diagnosed, it necessitates proper treatment. While surgery may not always be necessary, it can be the sole solution in certain cases. In this final article of his series on shoulder arthritis, distinguished consultant orthopaedic surgeon Professor Mohamed Imam sheds light on what individuals can anticipate during the treatment

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Elbow Dislocation

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Introduction When the joint surfaces of the three bones in the elbow become separated, it results in an elbow dislocation. These dislocations, which can be complete or partial, typically occur following trauma, such as a fall, motor vehicle collision, or other accident. In a complete dislocation, the joint surfaces are

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Hip Health Revolution: Surgery & Regeneration Innovations this is the title the correct one

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The Promise of Regenerative Medicine Regenerative medicine in hip preservation: Utilises stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and growth factor injections Benefits: Promotes tissue repair and regeneration within the hip joint Reduces pain associated with hip conditions     Stem cell therapy: Stem cells can differentiate into cartilage and bone

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Bone Tumour

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    introduction Bone tumours originate from the uncontrolled proliferation of cells within bone tissue, resulting in the formation of an abnormal mass or lump. While the majority of bone tumours are non-cancerous or benign, posing minimal risk to health and typically not spreading to other areas of the body,

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The Facts Behind Performance Supplements

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Introduction: Creatine supplements have garnered popularity among athletes, with many seeking an edge in performance enhancement. Among the most widely used sports supplements, creatine is believed by some athletes, including children and adolescents, to boost strength and athletic performance.  Despite its widespread use, the evidence supporting the efficacy of creatine

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